Friday, 31 December 2010

New OOTD Whoop!

So I have been trying to put many videos up but I hve been busy but there should be two or three going up tomorrow so fingers crossed!
Here is my new OOTD, nothing too special b ut here to share with you all.
There may not be many updates from now until the 11th-17th of January because I have a Chemistry  - EEK. So I have to revise really hard!

Jumper £15 River Island
Jeggings £20 Top Shop
Vest £5 Dorothy Perkins
Necklace is from Teneriefe :P

Thursday, 30 December 2010

OOTD #1 30/12/2010

So I thought I best put up a OOTD (Outfit of the day) before the new year so I can get my self into it a bit mre quickly. So here's my first OOTD.

Cardigan: £25 River Island
Vest: £7 River Island
Skirt: £10 River Island
Tights: £4 New Look
Watch £20 River Island

Most things were bought In the sale I know that it makes me seem like a River Island Junkie but I am :D
(Lots of Love)

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Review "Lee Stafford: Hair That Never Grows Past a Certain Length";

Yes, I am going to be doing my first review on this Lee Stafford treatment, for "Hair that never grows past a certain length". Over all I think this product is very good quality especially for the price of £6.99 (price taken from the Boots website).
Now, I know what most people will be thinking here: "Yes, here we go another product which has caught the eye of some idiot, who is now brain washed into thinking this product is amazing". But funnily enough I thought the same thing when I read the reviews on the boots website.
The first thing I thought about this product was that it wouldn't work and my hair will not see much benefit, but I did a bit of research on the product and the majority of the reviews were positive so I decided to give it a go - and now I am very glad that I have. It is now my number 1 go to product for hair care.
The instructions to using this product are that you should use this in your hair AFTER shampooing, but BEFORE conditioning. It says that you should use an egg sized amount and massage it into your hair and leave on for five minutes before washing off. Which at first seems petrifying for those whose hair goes greasy very easy, but there is no need to worry because it does not make hair at all feel greasy or make your hair feel too heavy after washing it with this product, if anything it makes it feel fuller and thicker and a lot healthier than your hair before.
 The only thing which I feel is a disadvantage is that the product does run out fairly quickly. I went through my first tub in 3 weeks because to get the best results you are supposed to use this product every time you wash your hair, which is also quite time consuming. However, it is not always the case of using it every wash because as soon as you see your hair improve (e.g. it becomes feeling thicker, glossier and appears to have grown) you are then meant to go and use the product once a week to maintain your hair condition and growth.
On the packaging it does not promise that your hair will grow super fast (who'd believe that anyway?) but it does say that your hair will improve, which I totally agree with 100%. This product did not necessarily make my hair grow much faster, but I did notice a huge improvement with my hair straight after I had been using the product for two weeks. I have very fine hair which falls out very easily and before I started using this product when I'd wash my hair I would find out that it fell out in clumps, which did not benefit my hair growth and thickness at all because I would lose hair so quickly. After I washed my hair in this I noticed that my hair had become growing much more stronger and it would stop falling out as much in the shower and when I was brushing it, which now means my hair is feeling MUCH thicker than it did two months a go which is great news for me trying to grow my hair.
Now on to the hair growing part.. So I dyed my hair just before I started using this so I could see how long it would take for my roots to show through because normally it would be about 2 months before I could see a great difference in the colour of my roots and the hair colour. it has taken less than half of the time as it usually would to see the how much my hair had grown. I had been using this product for 3 weeks when I noticed i could see my roots coming through (it could be because the product was making my hair colour fade more quickly, who knows) which made me think straight away the product was working, so I went out and bought myself some more of this treatment. Now after 5-6 weeks of using this product (not sure how long now) I have noticed that my hair has grown half an inch, which is pretty impressive for the rate my hair usually grew at which was not so much in a month.
Over all I would highly recommend any person out there who is trying to get their hair longer. It is a  great product which doesn't just help your hair grow but it also makes it stronger and feels a lot thicker. I will be doing some more Lee Stafford reviews soon because I loved this product so much I have now gone out and bought more hove his hair care treatments!

If you want to read more reviews (the ones which I read) click here
Thanks for reading LOVE

Starting up..

Well, here it is me blogging.. This is officially my first EVER blog post. I hope you all enjoy it :D. This is my fashion/makeup review type blog to my YouTube Channel (Username: xOhMiGawshx) I will be putting a button up in time to link it.
 My videos will also be published on this page so please follow as there will be more activity coming from me.. It should be tomorrow when I post my first video which will be a "Haul".

Love to see you all soon!