About Me!

Yummy, here is me doing the thing I hate the most! Writing about my self, when I do this I end up seeming either vain or very boring as there is not much to my life at the moment YAY!
Well what can I firstly say, I am currently in my last year of high school, and I am really excited on going to collage next autumn! I am originally from a Town in England called Bolton but I now live in a country called Wales in the UK, which is a very.. Dull place. It is most of the time raining, FUN I know. I moved here when I was five years old because my dad got a new job! WHOOP! I have now lived in wales for about 10 years and even though it is a dull place I would not change it for the world I love it here! (Dw i'n wrth yr modd gymru) speaking a bit of welsh there so you can see that I can speak it ;)
So here we are with a photograph of me here. That's me and what I look like (in case you don't already know from the posts) but oh well you can have another look! :)
I have got many hobbies, well a few which can be considered as something which is hobby-like? I like blogging, which I am trying to do more of, I have now deleted all of my old blog posts and starting fresh because well, it was getting no where as I could never remember to update, but a new year a new start! :)
Other hobbies of mine include YouTube Video making, you can get a link to my account here, please remember to subscribe to my channel, I am making videos now and they will all be up shortly, so watch this space! :)
 As you can tell, I love fashion, hair and makeup related things and my "collection" of things are steadily growing all the time which I love the fact of!
 With this account i am deciding to make YouTube videos of tutorials, OOTD (Outfit of the day) videos and obviously blogs, but I have to see if this website does get more recognised which I hope in time it will.
I don't have many goals in life, I always used to want to be a web designer, that dream did last a long time but I suddenly began to stop making websites and editing, and after two years I forgot all about it, so this is why I am not getting back in to blogging as I used to have a blog-type website I would go on, on a piczo! I know piczo, no-one really uses it so much any more (Sorry if you do it is a great website).
Finally if there are any questions you'd like to ask me please email me on xOhMiGawshx@gmail.com or xOhMiGawshx@yahoo.com ! Thank you much love