Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Where have I been?!

Meeh! I am sorry it's been like what two months? I am sorry again. Just thought I'd tell you all. I guess I haven't been gaining followers on here as I haven't been giving it as much TLC as my YouTube (Click here if you want to subscribe etc) I have decided to dedicate this to OOTD pictures and reviews but It's been too busy!

My exams have just finished really, I have one left but come on that stats no need to revise?! JK of course I did. My exams were going quite well until this one dreaded day where I had TWO exams in one day so it was three hours of pure examination in one day which is VERY exhausting I didn't even realise it was going to be SO hard and to top it all off it was a Welsh written exam which in case you don't know it is VERY hard although people can do it. It is very hard at times translating welsh into english in your brain to find the answer or even to think about what to do in welsh. I got an A* in my speaking which may hopefully carry me through to maybe an over all B (the exam didn't go too well for me, I barely finished and my last question was VERY poor) But you live and you learn. I am doing welsh as an A level so I hope that it will all be okay because I really want to be fluent in it weird huh?

I was even thinking about doing a "help me" type of Vlog where I give advise and what not but I am not too sure yet I am hoping to get over 1000 subscribers soon and maybe that would be a good way? I have been working hard with my new types of OOTD (new being I have gotten a new camera HAH) well thats enough from good old laura I will leave you with a video and a picture because you know you want to see them! Love you all and HAPPY SUMMER ♥

(Video wont come on to here CRY CRY but click here to watch my latest ones ♥