Thursday, 13 October 2011

Not a happy bunny

Well, I am going to be VERY honest with you. I have had a very crappy month (boohoo). Sixth Form is such a struggle and it is SO much more hard work than in Highschool I wouldn't have known how hard it was! I have taken four subjects to study at the moment and I am finding it really hard to enjoy history. I used to love history back in year 10 and 11 it was really interesting but as A level.. well it is just RUBBISH.. It depends on what you're studying though really. I kind of wish I went to a different sixthform where you studied a much more interesting part of history (like who really cares about the british foreign policy?!) Ugh well that's a rant over.

I am sorry for lack of activity I am just settling in so I do appologise!!!

See you soon Laura xo

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Essays.. Work... Essays.. ZZZZ

W-W-Whaaaaaaaaaat. I am very tired and very stressed out at the moment with the amount of work I have had to be doing already for sixth form. I am having to do 4 essays which need to be completed by tomorrow and I have finished 0 of them. I really t
hink I should have not gone out last night and actually done my work but I do need SOME social life!
I have been recording some videos straight after school just for a break of work then I get straight back to working again and then I have to actually go out and work so I have three things I need to be doing which sucks! I know I shouldn't be complaining about all of this though because we all have to do it but I need to vent in some sort of
My writing and sentences have been making very little sense whilst writing and I don't know why so I am hoping that you all can actually understand me
when i am writing like this ;)!
Well I must be gone and finish off these damned essays :') wish me luck!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Living life to the full.

Hey everyone from TODAY I am going to at least post one blog post up every week! I know that I keep saying I will be doing a lot BUT I mean it this time. This is just like an add on blog to my YouTube channel (Search xOhMiGawshx to watch videos).
Well I have had a busy 3 months since I have left school like exams and outing and all other crazy things. I have recently just gotten my results back in August and the grades were 2A*, 1A, 6B and 3C and I also got a distinction in ICT (Which is the equivalent to an A*/A), just incase you all wanted to know what I got in my exams. I have also just enrolled in sixth form where I will be studying: Welsh second language, History, Biology and Psychology so I will have a lot of work to be doing but I wont let it stop me making my videos but on top of all that I have just gotten a job so I will be super busy so filming will have to be done before and after school which isn't too bad and it is VERY do able.

So seeing as I have only got two days left of my holiday I have decided to have TWO lazy days where I am going to be sitting around in my PJ's and my TAYLOR SWIFT TOP! As you all know I am OBSESSED with this girl hehe.

Oh my god I look so HAWT in this top and my little welsh flag in the background just to remind me that I am living in Cymru! hehe Well I will be loving you all and now leaving you much love!!!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

We are beautiful, no matter what they say ♥

Okay, so I know I am a total amature at making blog posts. I guess it's because I don't get round to doing it as I am making ALOT of YouTube videos atm (I am deciding to film a few "talking" ones in bulk so that I can upload them throughout the summer JUST in case I become VERY busy).

Nothing has really been happening in the world of Laura. A lot of my mates are at a festival which I couldn't go to and I am SO bummed about it because they're all out having an AMAZING time and I am just here well.. being very bored watching friends on repeat - although I do love friends a lot - I just get bored in the summer sometimes if there are not many people doing things etc and I have been off for about 5 weeks now and I have another 6-7 weeks to go as I did leave year 11 in late may.

I have created a NEW video uploaded today about hair growth treatment and how you can make it longer ETC but it isn't a whole placebo effect going on with myself with me thinking that I am thinking my hair is growing faster and it's not.. The products REALLY do work and I love them and it is totally amazing because the products are SO cheap for the amazingness they do :)
I will post the video below (if it actually allows me to this time as last time it became a total freak with me and just thought it wouldn't let me post my video.) Stupid blogger. Well I hope that if I do gain more and more subscribers I may start up my OWN website for myself as web design is a HUGE interest to me and I just LOVE it! :)

(Well after you've watched my video of course!) I hope you are all having a much more fun Saturday than I am

Lots of Love

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Where have I been?!

Meeh! I am sorry it's been like what two months? I am sorry again. Just thought I'd tell you all. I guess I haven't been gaining followers on here as I haven't been giving it as much TLC as my YouTube (Click here if you want to subscribe etc) I have decided to dedicate this to OOTD pictures and reviews but It's been too busy!

My exams have just finished really, I have one left but come on that stats no need to revise?! JK of course I did. My exams were going quite well until this one dreaded day where I had TWO exams in one day so it was three hours of pure examination in one day which is VERY exhausting I didn't even realise it was going to be SO hard and to top it all off it was a Welsh written exam which in case you don't know it is VERY hard although people can do it. It is very hard at times translating welsh into english in your brain to find the answer or even to think about what to do in welsh. I got an A* in my speaking which may hopefully carry me through to maybe an over all B (the exam didn't go too well for me, I barely finished and my last question was VERY poor) But you live and you learn. I am doing welsh as an A level so I hope that it will all be okay because I really want to be fluent in it weird huh?

I was even thinking about doing a "help me" type of Vlog where I give advise and what not but I am not too sure yet I am hoping to get over 1000 subscribers soon and maybe that would be a good way? I have been working hard with my new types of OOTD (new being I have gotten a new camera HAH) well thats enough from good old laura I will leave you with a video and a picture because you know you want to see them! Love you all and HAPPY SUMMER ♥

(Video wont come on to here CRY CRY but click here to watch my latest ones ♥

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I talk about you all of the time ♥

I came home from school today wanting to really make a review or something on here.. But I still wont have any time to do very detailed blogs until June - I know two months such a long time! But it's honestly cos I have alot of things to do :'( (Boo hoo!)

Any way I have a new video up on my YouTube click on the link to go on it as Blogspot will not let me put a youtube video on today!

Much Love ♥

Thursday, 31 March 2011

I'm a House of Cards

Okay! I am can not believe that I saw Taylor Swift only two days ago! Of course as promised I have a new VLOG so I have uploaded a new Taylor swift one.

It was amazing, I am not going to lie, I didn't know she would be so amazing live all of her songs were great.. I was just kind of gutted that she missed out: "Last Kiss" and "Haunted" as they're my favourite songs ever but oh well! I hope you like my Vlog.. This is only a quick status update because I am in need of a sleep so goobye for now <3

Monday, 28 March 2011

We're in this moment now capture it, remember it ♥

Okay, I know I am saying sorry ALOT about not putting up any blog posts but I hope you all understand what it is like for doing course work and alot of GCSE's but I guess things haven't been going a way to plan.

Well I guess now I should go and move on to some good news! Starting with look at my new phone case!

Pretty cool eh!?

Also, if you're following me on my YouTube Account you will know that I am... Omg even saying it seems surreal to me as I am a HUGE fan.. I am wathing TAYLOR SWIFT in concert yes The one and only Taylo Swift.. I know it may sound silly but she is my idol.. I feel like her music has made me in to the type of person I am today.. I love her.. I know she can put on a show!

Anyone seen her recently?! If so comment on what she is like because.. I am so excited in seeing her I can not control my self! I think that sign making and all the fandom is going to be needed for tomorrow a Vlog will be posted up on Wednesday I will have to go about some editing.. I will put it back on here.. I am on here for good now so please I would love it for you to follow my blog! Much love ♥

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Laura is back!

I know I haven't been on here like at all in probably a month but I have a perfectly good explination to why I have not been here :) <3

As some of you may know if you watch my YouTube account I have so much coursework and exams to be doing in the upcoming months! You have to love high school! And I keep forgetting to get into the whole "blogging" scene just because I have been trying the hardest on my youtube and I have no photos to put up because I have broken my camera! But enough of all the bad stuff onto the good stuff! :)
 It's gone just so fast it's unreal :)! Academic good news is that I have been accepted into college all I need to do now is get my grades (No preassure). the final piece of good news is that I got an A* in my welsh oral exam which I am estatic about although it is only worth 10% of my GCSE grade so I have to do well in my upcoming exams EEEEEEK!

I don't really have much else to tell you apart that I have got some new videos up so I will just tag one for you to watch on your passing days :) LOTS OF LOVE

Sunday, 30 January 2011


Yes, I have had my Sunday plans ruined. So I am going to make 2 videos I think :) Or is that too much? I don't know.. I just need to get some MORE SUBSCRIBERS! Even though I appriciate everyone who has subscribed to me! :)

hope you love it ;)

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Where have I been?

Yes, it is true. Just as I finish my exams for a while I find out  I have my Welsh Speaking exam. I am talking about how I have been inspired by country music which is really easy for me to talk about but I am still learning welsh so I am not very fluent in things to say but fingers crossed I do well!
 So other than preparing I have been busy with mates and things to do so I haven't been able to "promote" this websites I haven't had any ideas on how to influence more people to come on to here but in time I will try and get my youtube subscribers to come on here :D!
Yes.. I have done a few more videos but I guess there is no need on putting them all on here! I have done an OOTD, Makeup and Hair routine which I thought was quite a good idea but I feel like my channel gets maily views on the OOTD's but please anyone leave a comment or email me with any requests I need some inspiration :D
 I think that my Blog is a bit empty with no pictures but I don't have an AMAZING quality camera which I love and may look into buying if this blog does take off :D but lets hope it will soon :).
 I don't know what I should really say about my life atm because nothing is going on. But has any one been to see the Black Swan? I thought it was a british film until I saw a yellow taxi because of the accents to me didnt sound too american but OMG. It is an amazing movie. I was so into it although I thought it was a bit too.. Graphic? There were so many uncomfortable scenes in it which I would not recommend any one to watch it with their parents if you cringe very easy! But I loved it, it was just an amazing film a 10 out of 10 to me! :D

Well, enough from me I should get back to preparing for my speaking exam -.-

Love from

Friday, 7 January 2011

YouTube Video #4

OKAY! Finally getting back on trak with the video making it's atually going alright! :) I am getting a few more subscribers each day and even though I don't have many I still feel like it is a slowly building process and I am happy with my self and it's made me feel like people want to know about me and my love of fashion, hair and Makeup even though I have not done any makeup Tutorials and i wanted it to be a beauty one but I promise my smokey eye tutorial will be tomorrow a quick 5 minutes one YAY :D

Check out my video..


Thursday, 6 January 2011


As everything I had planned has turned to shite, I have finally got the opportunity tomorrow to film 2 videos and as the weekend is coming up I can film 1-2 more maybe 3 :) So I can finally get my videos going ;).
Obviously I will be doing two more OOTD as they mp get the most hits out of most videos and I am thinking a 5 minutes Neutural smokey eye? I think so too :) I am also doing y hair care routine.. Well they are what I have got planned! Remember to subscribe to me on YouTube by searching xOhMiGawshx ;)


Tuesday, 4 January 2011

No posts?

This isn't exactly a normal blog as no One really sees it but I don't mid because I know people actually will look so that's why i am commenting now there will be a video up tomorrow I promise :) I just dont know what one I feel like I should be doing a makeup one but I may do a tag because they will be easier to do when I am home from school so around 5pm I will put up a new video and I am Pleased with the amount of subscribers I am getting o know there Ian a lot but who cares I feel like people a actually want to see me which I am happy about :) x

I am off to bed now. So see you tomorrow!!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

OOTD #3 2-01-11

Here is my new OOTD for today so please view it :D

Please Subscribe to the channel ;) Hope you all like it :D


Okay, As you all may know I am revising.. VERY hard -.- Well trying to when I am not distracted by Facebook or MSN or texts or YouTube.. But I am still trying VERY hard to revise I have an exam this month and it's come around so quickly.. But what happens when I revise? I end up doing my make up -.-

Some one please feel sorry for me here I am sick of all this work I am having to do now for school! Even in the holidays! :(

Oh Well best get used to it now!!


Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year.. Resolutions? YouTube Fail..

Okay, so as most people know I do have a YouTube account, you can view this account be clicking here remember to all subscribe, I am new so I don't have many subscribers but we all have to start somewhere right?! :)
 Enough about my little advertisment there going on about how I need subscribers and more on to YouTube its self, now I don't know if this onl happens to me but it is taking absolutley forever for me to upload a video I think its been uploading since 8pm today and it is not 11pm and it has only shifted 25%, now that seems like nothing to me am I right? I thought I would do a Perfect Imperfections because its what people are doing so I thought I'd give it a shot I dont care if it's old though! :P
 The next thing is ideas for videos I can barely think of any but these are the ones I will upload ASAP
  •  OOTD #3 (Sorry I missed out todays! :(, I was still a bit BLAH from New Years celebrations last night so I wore my PJS all day sorry :()
  • New Years resalution video (I guess it's not too late for one)
  • Every day Makeup routine
  • What's in my bag
  • Purple Smokey Eye Tutorial
So those are the 5 I have planned to be up either tomorrow or the next day! I am trying to put a few up before I have to really get my head down with revision haha! Good luck Laura on that!

Next I would just love to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope this is the best one you have so far! I hope mine will be but who knows what the future will bring :) <3

That's enough from me I want to read a bit of the "Note Book" later, I may do a Review on that just to show people how amazing it is, or would that bore people out!?

Sorry for lack of photo's on here my cameras being dodgey!