Sunday, 30 January 2011


Yes, I have had my Sunday plans ruined. So I am going to make 2 videos I think :) Or is that too much? I don't know.. I just need to get some MORE SUBSCRIBERS! Even though I appriciate everyone who has subscribed to me! :)

hope you love it ;)

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Where have I been?

Yes, it is true. Just as I finish my exams for a while I find out  I have my Welsh Speaking exam. I am talking about how I have been inspired by country music which is really easy for me to talk about but I am still learning welsh so I am not very fluent in things to say but fingers crossed I do well!
 So other than preparing I have been busy with mates and things to do so I haven't been able to "promote" this websites I haven't had any ideas on how to influence more people to come on to here but in time I will try and get my youtube subscribers to come on here :D!
Yes.. I have done a few more videos but I guess there is no need on putting them all on here! I have done an OOTD, Makeup and Hair routine which I thought was quite a good idea but I feel like my channel gets maily views on the OOTD's but please anyone leave a comment or email me with any requests I need some inspiration :D
 I think that my Blog is a bit empty with no pictures but I don't have an AMAZING quality camera which I love and may look into buying if this blog does take off :D but lets hope it will soon :).
 I don't know what I should really say about my life atm because nothing is going on. But has any one been to see the Black Swan? I thought it was a british film until I saw a yellow taxi because of the accents to me didnt sound too american but OMG. It is an amazing movie. I was so into it although I thought it was a bit too.. Graphic? There were so many uncomfortable scenes in it which I would not recommend any one to watch it with their parents if you cringe very easy! But I loved it, it was just an amazing film a 10 out of 10 to me! :D

Well, enough from me I should get back to preparing for my speaking exam -.-

Love from

Friday, 7 January 2011

YouTube Video #4

OKAY! Finally getting back on trak with the video making it's atually going alright! :) I am getting a few more subscribers each day and even though I don't have many I still feel like it is a slowly building process and I am happy with my self and it's made me feel like people want to know about me and my love of fashion, hair and Makeup even though I have not done any makeup Tutorials and i wanted it to be a beauty one but I promise my smokey eye tutorial will be tomorrow a quick 5 minutes one YAY :D

Check out my video..


Thursday, 6 January 2011


As everything I had planned has turned to shite, I have finally got the opportunity tomorrow to film 2 videos and as the weekend is coming up I can film 1-2 more maybe 3 :) So I can finally get my videos going ;).
Obviously I will be doing two more OOTD as they mp get the most hits out of most videos and I am thinking a 5 minutes Neutural smokey eye? I think so too :) I am also doing y hair care routine.. Well they are what I have got planned! Remember to subscribe to me on YouTube by searching xOhMiGawshx ;)


Tuesday, 4 January 2011

No posts?

This isn't exactly a normal blog as no One really sees it but I don't mid because I know people actually will look so that's why i am commenting now there will be a video up tomorrow I promise :) I just dont know what one I feel like I should be doing a makeup one but I may do a tag because they will be easier to do when I am home from school so around 5pm I will put up a new video and I am Pleased with the amount of subscribers I am getting o know there Ian a lot but who cares I feel like people a actually want to see me which I am happy about :) x

I am off to bed now. So see you tomorrow!!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

OOTD #3 2-01-11

Here is my new OOTD for today so please view it :D

Please Subscribe to the channel ;) Hope you all like it :D


Okay, As you all may know I am revising.. VERY hard -.- Well trying to when I am not distracted by Facebook or MSN or texts or YouTube.. But I am still trying VERY hard to revise I have an exam this month and it's come around so quickly.. But what happens when I revise? I end up doing my make up -.-

Some one please feel sorry for me here I am sick of all this work I am having to do now for school! Even in the holidays! :(

Oh Well best get used to it now!!


Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year.. Resolutions? YouTube Fail..

Okay, so as most people know I do have a YouTube account, you can view this account be clicking here remember to all subscribe, I am new so I don't have many subscribers but we all have to start somewhere right?! :)
 Enough about my little advertisment there going on about how I need subscribers and more on to YouTube its self, now I don't know if this onl happens to me but it is taking absolutley forever for me to upload a video I think its been uploading since 8pm today and it is not 11pm and it has only shifted 25%, now that seems like nothing to me am I right? I thought I would do a Perfect Imperfections because its what people are doing so I thought I'd give it a shot I dont care if it's old though! :P
 The next thing is ideas for videos I can barely think of any but these are the ones I will upload ASAP
  •  OOTD #3 (Sorry I missed out todays! :(, I was still a bit BLAH from New Years celebrations last night so I wore my PJS all day sorry :()
  • New Years resalution video (I guess it's not too late for one)
  • Every day Makeup routine
  • What's in my bag
  • Purple Smokey Eye Tutorial
So those are the 5 I have planned to be up either tomorrow or the next day! I am trying to put a few up before I have to really get my head down with revision haha! Good luck Laura on that!

Next I would just love to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope this is the best one you have so far! I hope mine will be but who knows what the future will bring :) <3

That's enough from me I want to read a bit of the "Note Book" later, I may do a Review on that just to show people how amazing it is, or would that bore people out!?

Sorry for lack of photo's on here my cameras being dodgey!