Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year.. Resolutions? YouTube Fail..

Okay, so as most people know I do have a YouTube account, you can view this account be clicking here remember to all subscribe, I am new so I don't have many subscribers but we all have to start somewhere right?! :)
 Enough about my little advertisment there going on about how I need subscribers and more on to YouTube its self, now I don't know if this onl happens to me but it is taking absolutley forever for me to upload a video I think its been uploading since 8pm today and it is not 11pm and it has only shifted 25%, now that seems like nothing to me am I right? I thought I would do a Perfect Imperfections because its what people are doing so I thought I'd give it a shot I dont care if it's old though! :P
 The next thing is ideas for videos I can barely think of any but these are the ones I will upload ASAP
  •  OOTD #3 (Sorry I missed out todays! :(, I was still a bit BLAH from New Years celebrations last night so I wore my PJS all day sorry :()
  • New Years resalution video (I guess it's not too late for one)
  • Every day Makeup routine
  • What's in my bag
  • Purple Smokey Eye Tutorial
So those are the 5 I have planned to be up either tomorrow or the next day! I am trying to put a few up before I have to really get my head down with revision haha! Good luck Laura on that!

Next I would just love to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope this is the best one you have so far! I hope mine will be but who knows what the future will bring :) <3

That's enough from me I want to read a bit of the "Note Book" later, I may do a Review on that just to show people how amazing it is, or would that bore people out!?

Sorry for lack of photo's on here my cameras being dodgey!


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