Friday, 16 March 2012


Okay at the moment I am totally swamped with Revision - well I need to pass the exams in the summer so I thought that early revision will be the way I pass my exams with at least c's! I can not actually believe how quickly this year is going. It's freaky that in September I will be deciding which university I want to go to. I am still in the post-highschool blues (yes. I am a saddo who misses high school but most of my friends I barely see now)! I never realised how much homework I have and revision and Coursework I have :( - enough for my sympathy wanting but I just thought I would just post. I know most people would be in the mid of their exams as well. How are they all going for you? I am thinking of doing a revision video I will most probably record tomorrow and try to have up by Sunday or tomorrow night. Would anyone be interested?! More ootd and hauls coming up soon though in need of some major retail therapy!
Love you all! ♥

Friday, 9 March 2012

Pretty Pastels Pink Blazers! ♥

Okay. I am currently loving pastel colours at the moment and I would love to show my outfits with you. I have forgotten how much I actually loved wearing blazers until I found the perfect one in PRIMARK! It was as cheap as £19 - how ca
n you not buy it for that price?! I fell in love and I am counting down the days until I can buy more in o
ther colours. I am the type of girl who
loves dressing up no matter what I am doing - I have no idea why. I really want to show off how great this can look no matter how you wear it. I am planning on filming a "how to" video around this blazer which I have never done before in my youtube life. If you don't know my Youtube channel click here or type in xOhMiGawshx in to youtube don't forget to subscribe!

Isn't the blazer beautiful? It dresses up even the simplest of outfits. I am really loving the feminine/masculine mixed look. I like the softness of the pink and I think the lace adds it more character to my outfit.

T-shrt: Topshop (last season click here for a dupe)
Cami: (Worn Underneath lace top) Newlook
Skater Skirt: Topshop
Blazer: Primark
Necklace: Newlook

Hope you enjoy xo

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

What will 2012 bring for me? (A bit late I know...)

Hello everyone, yes it is me.. I have finally found time to get back to my blog and this time I MEAN I am back for good. I wanted to share with you my new years resolutions.. A nice blog post to get me back on track. I have made many new years 'resolutions' of things that I WANT to do and things not things I want to give up. They are as follows:

  1. Drink less diet coke (okay.. this 'resolution' may be a contradiction of my previous statement - but drinking the amount I do cannot be healthy, can it?
  2. Marry Zac Efron.. It WILL happen.
  3. Do weekly blog posts
  4. Invest more time and money in to my youtube
  5. Get atleast 4 C's in my AS levels in the summer
  6. Enjoy life!
Now I know that some of these resolutions may not happen, and I except it but a girl can dream. I know that Zac Efron won't marry me THIS year but it does give him time to realise me.. a girl he doesn't know exists is his one true love! I'm not psycho I promise ;). 

I have decided that I want to make this blog about Makeup products/reviews and some bits of fashion as well but I want to dedicate it more to makeup because it is clear that I have a slight obsession of all the beauty products which are around at the moment and I would love to share my obsession with you guys! This idea came to me whilst I was reading this weeks more! magazine when I was reading the introduction paragraph-type-thing of what Laura the Beauty assistant loves about her job and it made me realise my love for makeup as well and how much I enjoy testing new things and sharing my opinions to people. I am going to try and put a blog post up weekly but this may sometimes be hard as I do have a lot of work to be done this year but I will try and put one up as much as I can. I am happy to be back and to get things started on this blog! Tell me your ideas! 
Oh and don't forget I have just posted a new video! click here to get to my channel.. Mwaahxx
Speak soon, 
Lots of love..

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Not a happy bunny

Well, I am going to be VERY honest with you. I have had a very crappy month (boohoo). Sixth Form is such a struggle and it is SO much more hard work than in Highschool I wouldn't have known how hard it was! I have taken four subjects to study at the moment and I am finding it really hard to enjoy history. I used to love history back in year 10 and 11 it was really interesting but as A level.. well it is just RUBBISH.. It depends on what you're studying though really. I kind of wish I went to a different sixthform where you studied a much more interesting part of history (like who really cares about the british foreign policy?!) Ugh well that's a rant over.

I am sorry for lack of activity I am just settling in so I do appologise!!!

See you soon Laura xo

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Essays.. Work... Essays.. ZZZZ

W-W-Whaaaaaaaaaat. I am very tired and very stressed out at the moment with the amount of work I have had to be doing already for sixth form. I am having to do 4 essays which need to be completed by tomorrow and I have finished 0 of them. I really t
hink I should have not gone out last night and actually done my work but I do need SOME social life!
I have been recording some videos straight after school just for a break of work then I get straight back to working again and then I have to actually go out and work so I have three things I need to be doing which sucks! I know I shouldn't be complaining about all of this though because we all have to do it but I need to vent in some sort of
My writing and sentences have been making very little sense whilst writing and I don't know why so I am hoping that you all can actually understand me
when i am writing like this ;)!
Well I must be gone and finish off these damned essays :') wish me luck!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Living life to the full.

Hey everyone from TODAY I am going to at least post one blog post up every week! I know that I keep saying I will be doing a lot BUT I mean it this time. This is just like an add on blog to my YouTube channel (Search xOhMiGawshx to watch videos).
Well I have had a busy 3 months since I have left school like exams and outing and all other crazy things. I have recently just gotten my results back in August and the grades were 2A*, 1A, 6B and 3C and I also got a distinction in ICT (Which is the equivalent to an A*/A), just incase you all wanted to know what I got in my exams. I have also just enrolled in sixth form where I will be studying: Welsh second language, History, Biology and Psychology so I will have a lot of work to be doing but I wont let it stop me making my videos but on top of all that I have just gotten a job so I will be super busy so filming will have to be done before and after school which isn't too bad and it is VERY do able.

So seeing as I have only got two days left of my holiday I have decided to have TWO lazy days where I am going to be sitting around in my PJ's and my TAYLOR SWIFT TOP! As you all know I am OBSESSED with this girl hehe.

Oh my god I look so HAWT in this top and my little welsh flag in the background just to remind me that I am living in Cymru! hehe Well I will be loving you all and now leaving you much love!!!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

We are beautiful, no matter what they say ♥

Okay, so I know I am a total amature at making blog posts. I guess it's because I don't get round to doing it as I am making ALOT of YouTube videos atm (I am deciding to film a few "talking" ones in bulk so that I can upload them throughout the summer JUST in case I become VERY busy).

Nothing has really been happening in the world of Laura. A lot of my mates are at a festival which I couldn't go to and I am SO bummed about it because they're all out having an AMAZING time and I am just here well.. being very bored watching friends on repeat - although I do love friends a lot - I just get bored in the summer sometimes if there are not many people doing things etc and I have been off for about 5 weeks now and I have another 6-7 weeks to go as I did leave year 11 in late may.

I have created a NEW video uploaded today about hair growth treatment and how you can make it longer ETC but it isn't a whole placebo effect going on with myself with me thinking that I am thinking my hair is growing faster and it's not.. The products REALLY do work and I love them and it is totally amazing because the products are SO cheap for the amazingness they do :)
I will post the video below (if it actually allows me to this time as last time it became a total freak with me and just thought it wouldn't let me post my video.) Stupid blogger. Well I hope that if I do gain more and more subscribers I may start up my OWN website for myself as web design is a HUGE interest to me and I just LOVE it! :)

(Well after you've watched my video of course!) I hope you are all having a much more fun Saturday than I am

Lots of Love