Sunday, 18 September 2011

Essays.. Work... Essays.. ZZZZ

W-W-Whaaaaaaaaaat. I am very tired and very stressed out at the moment with the amount of work I have had to be doing already for sixth form. I am having to do 4 essays which need to be completed by tomorrow and I have finished 0 of them. I really t
hink I should have not gone out last night and actually done my work but I do need SOME social life!
I have been recording some videos straight after school just for a break of work then I get straight back to working again and then I have to actually go out and work so I have three things I need to be doing which sucks! I know I shouldn't be complaining about all of this though because we all have to do it but I need to vent in some sort of
My writing and sentences have been making very little sense whilst writing and I don't know why so I am hoping that you all can actually understand me
when i am writing like this ;)!
Well I must be gone and finish off these damned essays :') wish me luck!

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