Thursday, 27 January 2011

Where have I been?

Yes, it is true. Just as I finish my exams for a while I find out  I have my Welsh Speaking exam. I am talking about how I have been inspired by country music which is really easy for me to talk about but I am still learning welsh so I am not very fluent in things to say but fingers crossed I do well!
 So other than preparing I have been busy with mates and things to do so I haven't been able to "promote" this websites I haven't had any ideas on how to influence more people to come on to here but in time I will try and get my youtube subscribers to come on here :D!
Yes.. I have done a few more videos but I guess there is no need on putting them all on here! I have done an OOTD, Makeup and Hair routine which I thought was quite a good idea but I feel like my channel gets maily views on the OOTD's but please anyone leave a comment or email me with any requests I need some inspiration :D
 I think that my Blog is a bit empty with no pictures but I don't have an AMAZING quality camera which I love and may look into buying if this blog does take off :D but lets hope it will soon :).
 I don't know what I should really say about my life atm because nothing is going on. But has any one been to see the Black Swan? I thought it was a british film until I saw a yellow taxi because of the accents to me didnt sound too american but OMG. It is an amazing movie. I was so into it although I thought it was a bit too.. Graphic? There were so many uncomfortable scenes in it which I would not recommend any one to watch it with their parents if you cringe very easy! But I loved it, it was just an amazing film a 10 out of 10 to me! :D

Well, enough from me I should get back to preparing for my speaking exam -.-

Love from

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