Monday, 28 March 2011

We're in this moment now capture it, remember it ♥

Okay, I know I am saying sorry ALOT about not putting up any blog posts but I hope you all understand what it is like for doing course work and alot of GCSE's but I guess things haven't been going a way to plan.

Well I guess now I should go and move on to some good news! Starting with look at my new phone case!

Pretty cool eh!?

Also, if you're following me on my YouTube Account you will know that I am... Omg even saying it seems surreal to me as I am a HUGE fan.. I am wathing TAYLOR SWIFT in concert yes The one and only Taylo Swift.. I know it may sound silly but she is my idol.. I feel like her music has made me in to the type of person I am today.. I love her.. I know she can put on a show!

Anyone seen her recently?! If so comment on what she is like because.. I am so excited in seeing her I can not control my self! I think that sign making and all the fandom is going to be needed for tomorrow a Vlog will be posted up on Wednesday I will have to go about some editing.. I will put it back on here.. I am on here for good now so please I would love it for you to follow my blog! Much love ♥

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