Thursday, 13 October 2011

Not a happy bunny

Well, I am going to be VERY honest with you. I have had a very crappy month (boohoo). Sixth Form is such a struggle and it is SO much more hard work than in Highschool I wouldn't have known how hard it was! I have taken four subjects to study at the moment and I am finding it really hard to enjoy history. I used to love history back in year 10 and 11 it was really interesting but as A level.. well it is just RUBBISH.. It depends on what you're studying though really. I kind of wish I went to a different sixthform where you studied a much more interesting part of history (like who really cares about the british foreign policy?!) Ugh well that's a rant over.

I am sorry for lack of activity I am just settling in so I do appologise!!!

See you soon Laura xo


  1. I did History at A-level as well and British foreign policy was mentioned in every single unit -_-

    1. I know, it is AWFUL! I have never hated a subject as much in my life! xx

  2. Trust me, I know how you feel. I am absolutely awful at math and I feel so overwhelmed with my math classes this term it's ridiculous. I don't have any history courses anymore, but girl, I know your pain. It's just about trying to take the time out to study. Studying really does make a difference. blargh, I love to learn but I hate school:/